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Open Source Multiplatform Game Engine, Native C++ Version

The Delta Engine is allows you to develop applications and especially games for many different platforms (mobile, tablets, console, PC) completely under Windows with .NET by using your favorite tools. This is the Milestone 1: Pluto release (v0.9.6) and it focuses on Windows 8 and Windows Phone support.

It is free to use on Windows, Open Source and written in C# (.NET). Supported Frameworks: DirectX, OpenGL and XNA. This is the native C++ version from, the C# version is available at: or

To get started with the native C++ Version of the Delta Engine see:

It uses Hypodermic (, boost (just for Hypodermic, and Glew (, which are all contained in the repository, so no additional downloads or setup is needed. Currently the only compiler supported is via Visual Studio 2012. Need help, want different compiler support or have any questions? Use

Please note that the current release is a very early preview of our new engine and not much useful code or classes have been ported (just the LogoApp sample is included)! For details see

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